Slenderina The Forest

Slendrina, the heroine of so many horror games, is finally back and more wicked than ever! Once again you’ll be locked insider her house and try to find your way out solving tricky puzzles and searching for safely hidden items. Don’t even hope for any slack: the doors are locked securely, the keys are almost impossible to find and Slendrina never stops hanging around, haunting, waiting… If you see her, run as fast as you can! But don’t forget that you aren’t going to escape this damned place until you gather all eight books containing the mystery of this grim lady…

 Pick you step, move carefully and examine every object you discover – perhaps it will come in handy in the nearest future. The atmosphere is quite spooky, with the whole house breathing and squeaking as you wander from room to room. You’ll get your portion of scary moments and supernatural stuff! And of course you’ll be thrilled to find out what happened in this gloomy basement.

 The Slendrina series remains highly popular and puts the player in different settings with but one goal – making their way out. If you like horrors and escape room games, you’ll be fascinated with the intriguing story and creepy effects making you feel like you are actually locked inside a haunted house. Slender Man, the heroine’s mad husband, will also make a couple of appearances. He is very dangerous, so try not to get in his way! The house is unwilling to let you out. But if you stay alert and careful and take your time to think what to do next, you are surely going to succeed!