Monster School Minecraft

Slendrina and her husband, a maniac named Slender Man, are well-known to every horror fan. Prepare to open yet another chapter of their terrifying story that takes place in an abandoned asylum filled with supernatural things! This time Slendrina is even more wicked and vengeful than usual. It seems she’s protecting some sort of mystery… Time to take matters in your hands and find out what’s happening here! Set off on a dangerous trip around an old hospital with its secret doors and hidden rooms and collect items that will spill light on the gloomy events that brought this place to its demise!

 Just as usual, you are going to explore the location room by room seeking for necessary items and unlocking doors in your quest of gathering eight pages of an old medical book. That book obviously conceals the information you need to figure out what’s going on… But Slendrina is keeping an eye on you and now she is reinforced by her mother! The two women can appear anywhere any moment. If you see Slendrina, turn away – as long as you are looking at her, your health is decreasing. You can tell it by your life bar running low. Fortunately, there are plenty of potions scattered all over the place to fix that – after all, you’re in the hospital!

 Meeting Slendrina’s mother is even more dangerous. The old lady doesn’t feel like exchanging pointless gazes – if she notices you, she will start running towards you and fast! So don’t just stand there frozen in terror, run for your life! You can either count on your speed and agility or simply hide in one of the closets and wait until the danger is over. Nobody will come to the rescue, you are all alone in this haunted hospital and it’s only up to you to put the pieces of the puzzle together and learn Slendrina’s mystery! Will you have enough courage and resourcefulness to do that? The game will show!