Slendrina Games Play Online for Free

The genre of horror games will never go out of fashion. We all like to tickle our nerves and if there is some mystery involved, that’s a sure recipe of success! Slendrina is one of the games that keep thrilling the vast audience challenging players to escape various haunted locations and get the key to the heroine’s gloomy secret. Are you ready to get your portion of adrenaline? Than let’s not waste any more time!


Solve the mystery of the haunted house

 The Slendrina series includes several games, each taking you to a new place where you wake up locked and helpless, striving to find a way out before the gloomy lady gets to you. To do that, you need to explore the numerous rooms searching for items and keys you can use to open the doors and gaining some insight into what’s happening. Figuring out how to use the variety of objects scattered around the house requires intense thinking. Look for hidden switches and passages, keep your eyes open for clues and don’t forget that Slendrina is lurking nearby waiting to catch you off guard! Her husband Slender Man is also on the loose. Meeting him means certain death, so stay alert and watch your step! You don’t want to get into the hands of this famous murderer… Once you unlock all the doors and discover eight sacred books hidden in the house, you are free to go. That is, unless the creepy spouses find you first!

 Survive in the abandoned asylum

 Another chapter of Slendrina will carry you over to an old hospital. It used to thrive, but something happened here and now it’s completely abandoned. There is nobody in the building except for the shadow of Slendrina who desperately protects her mystery… What is she hiding? You can only find that out by collecting eight pages from a shabby medical book and reading her sad story… This time, you’ll also have to watch out for Slendrina’s mother who will haunt you across the entire hospital if she catches even a single glimpse of you. Dealing with this wicked woman is fatal, so run for your life! You can also hide in a closet or behind the furniture. Keep an eye on your life bar and refill it with health potions scattered around the hospital. If you think you already know everything about Slendrina, prepare to reveal yet another secret: she has a baby! Wanna learn more? The grim asylum is waiting for you…

 It’s really spooky!

 Each time, Slendrina games tell you a different story. And while the gameplay remains pretty much the same, it feels like the first time! The amazingly scary graphics and suspenseful soundtrack will send shivers down your spine as you move down a dimly lit corridor full of eerie shadows and unearthly sounds. And when you turn back and suddenly see Slendrina looming behind you, your pulse jumps sky high! Those appreciating a good horror setting will be more than pleased to plunge into this creepy atmosphere giving you a sensation of complete presence. Don’t wait any longer and set off on a thrilling adventure in a place crawling with mystery and dread by launching one of Slendrina games on our site!