Slendrina: Asylum

Slendrina: Asylum is the fourth game of the Slendrina series. Now the hero will have to make his way out of a creepy hospital and break loose from Slendrina and her mother. In previous chapters, you had to weave your way along the corridors and stairways of an abandoned castle and shoot off monsters in the mysterious basement of Slender Man’s house. This time isn’t going to be much of a difference aside from the hospital setting that’s creepy enough by itself. The gameplay includes elements of stealth horror and escape room. Wandering across numerous rooms, you need to find clues, collect different items and discover keys to unlock the doors. There are also eight pages of an old medical book you need to put together if you hope to find out Slendrina’s secret. Just like in other Slendrina games, the atmosphere is quite spooky and gloomy. You’ll get a handful of paranormal activity and unexplainable stuff.

 Developers have added the life bar that will clue you in on how much health you have left. The bar starts running low when you see Slendrina or if her mother attacks you. Slendrina appears behind you when you turn back. If you keep looking at her for too long, she will kill you. But that’s nothing compared to her mother who won’t leave you alone once she spots you and will keep haunting you until you run away or find a shelter. Luckily, there are plenty of closets and other furniture that can hide you from the restless eyes of the persistent old lady. To survive and escape, you need to search for notes scattered around the hospital. They will guide you through this gloomy place and let you out into broad daylight. Are you ready to take the challenge and uncover the mystery of the grim asylum? A bit of a spoiler: in the end, you’ll find out Slendrina has a baby! Learn what else the new chapter of the legendary horror story has in store for you!