Slendrina Real Story

A true adventure is ready to put their curious nose anywhere even if it means risking their life! Your passion for mysteries has brought you to a very mysterious house. You’ve been locked there and have to get out alive by picking various items and opening doors. Now when you know the secret of Slendrina after putting together all eight pieces of her sacred painting, Slender Man won’t let you out that easily!

 The game starts in the very cellars where the famous murder took place. Luckily, your capturers had no idea you possess a weapon. But will it help you against all the supernatural horrors lurking here? You’d better start doing something right now and see what’s happening around! At first, that might seem like an impossible task, but don’t worry, developers have left plenty of clues and useful stuff for you.

 Explore the damned manor solving riddles, looking for keys and hidden entrances and stocking up on more weapons to shoot down the terrifying creatures roaming the dark cells. To make a successful escape, you need to discover eight books. Will you be able to get out alive? Your enemy is cunning and cruel, so use all your ingenuity and carefully consider every step!