Slendrina X

You probably know such a famous character as Slender Man. He was known for his extraordinary slyness and cruelty. Many victims disappeared in the basement of his castle. And you can become yet another one! After you gathered pieces of Slendrina’s damned painting and got a key to the puzzle, the two joined forces to keep you locked inside and prevent their mystery from sipping out. You have to find a way to freedom or you’ll die in this gloomy cradle of horror!

That isn’t going to be easy. The house of Slendrina is filled with all sorts of dangers. You are going to solve tricky riddles, look for items you can use and keys to unlock numerous doors. There are also eight books you need to collect before you can make your escape. And don’t forget about Slendrina and her loony husband walking around and waiting for the right moment to attack you!

The house itself seems to be spellbound. It’s full of supernatural phenomena that have but one goal – scaring you to death and hindering in your searches. Don’t be discouraged by the obstacles you’ll run across on your way! Be attentive and alert, carefully analyze everything that’s going on. Keep following your agenda and you’ll unravel the creepy mystery buried inside these dark walls!